AzerothCore Mall


A SQL script for AzerothCore by StygianTheBest.


This mall is a port of the TrinityCore Triforce Mall v3.7 by Kris(grandmst20). I have also added in Rownan’s Twink 19 vendors and some custom vendors I created. I fixed several bugs in the original SQL files and the port was quite a chore. I have included my ItemPricing template that fixes the pricing on items that had no price and I’ve removed duplicate and other useless items from several vendors.

All vendors are spawned on GM Island (.tele gmisland) and I have also created custom groups that are spawned in select locations for use on my private server.


  • This mall is based on TrinityCore Triforce Mall v3.7
  • This mall includes Rownan’s Level 19 Twink Vendors
  • This mall includes custom vendors by StygianTheBest
  • This mall includes custom pricing for some items
  • All NPCs are spawned on GMIsland
  • The following custom NPC groups are also spawned:
    • Elven Gem Vendors (Moonglade)
    • Mage Glyph Vendors (Undercity)


Vendors for anything and everything

Twink 19 Vendors

Elven gem vendors in Moonglade

Mage glyph vendors in Undercity

Class and Profession trainers inside the keep

Blizzard GM Vendor


  • v2017.09.14 - Release

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