You have reached the project page of StygianTheBest. This is where I share code and information for the World of Warcraft emulators AzerothCore and TrinityCore.


Black Lotus. Stygian.. the best!

Black Lotus. Stygian.. the best!


StygianCore is my custom version of AzerothCore (AC), an open source game-server application for World of Warcraft (WoW) currently supporting the 3.3.5a game version. It is the continuation of the SunwellCore Project.

My primary goal in sharing this is to help others learn how to create their own modules/content and to bring more interest to the emulation scene. My repos include original projects and modules written by myself as well as modifications to existing C++ scripts and other content written for other emulation projects such as TrinityCore and Mangos.

In addition to C++ scripts, you can also find SQL code, templates, informational texts, tutorials, and other game-related content.

Stay Awhile and Learn!

Source Code

I’m short on spare time to devote to this hobby, and I’m always evolving, improving, and learning new things. Once I get something to work the way I want, I usually move on quickly to something else instead of trying to make the most efficient code possible. Everything you’ll find here has been battle-tested and is currently running on my private server, but there are undoubtedly improvements to be made or bugs to be exterminated. I try to comment the code in places which will hopefully bring more clarity and understanding to those trying to learn. I welcome all feedback and suggestions that will improve or enhance the code and/or content.

WoW EMU History

I first got started with WoW emulation in May 2017 using repack for TrinityCore (TC). After delving into the scene a bit, I decided to work on my own WoW 3.3.5a server so I could explore the game content, learn more about how the game worked, and relive the old gaming days with friends and family. I chose to go with AC for my server based on my desire to use WoW version 3.3.5a, reputation, research, and the results of my own testing. I also pull the latest TC 3.3.5a branch periodically for testing, cross-referencing code, and investigating fixes.

The goal for my server is to be as “Blizzlike” as possible with importance placed on having the atmosphere, quests, dungeons, holidays, and raids (in that order) working as intended. I’d prefer to achieve this in Classic first, the move on to The Burning Crusade, and finally Wrath of the Lich King. As I play through the game, I’m keeping a log and submiting bugs to the issue tracker when time permits. Time is indeed the enemy.

After working with Azerothcore core for a few months and experiencing the content as a leveling player, I’m still satisfied with my choice, but the more I progress through the game, the more I think about switching to Trinity. To be honest, it’s a Love/Hate relationship with both cores, and I find that I go back and forth between them as I find issues on one core that doesn’t exist on the other and vice versa. The truth is, they are both full of bugs and issues; it all comes down to what you’re willing to put up with. Even the original game was full of bugs, so to think that AC or any other emulator is going to be truly Blizzlike is a bit of a farce. Having said that, I’m quite amazed at the quality of the AC and TC emulators seeing as..

“World of Warcraft kicked off with some 2600 quests. They added 2700 quests in the Burning Crusade expansion and another 2350 quests in the Wrath of the Lich King drop. A total of 7650 quests in the game makes it very challenging to maintain and track all of the game’s content. The QA group has tackled some 180,000 bugs since the game launched.” – Gamasutra

Ultimately, I wish the communities could unite and create one core to rule them all, but I’m not holding my breath. After reading The WoW Diary by John Staats, I’m amazed the any of these projects made it this far!

MMO History

My first MMO was Ultima Online in 1997, and I progressed to Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot, Shadowbane, and a few others before World of Warcraft came along. I played WoW from 2005 to 2011 with characters on the Anub’arak, Ursin, Stonemaul, and Emerald Dream realms. During this time I became a guildmaster (aka babysitter, psychiatrist, counselor) of a large PVE raiding guild and an avid World RP/PVP battle organizer #neverforgethillsbrad.

I logged out of the Emerald Dream realm for the last time on May 15, 2011 as a WOTLK Loremaster with over 11,000 achievement points, many Feats of Strength, and wielding Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros and Quel’Serrar.

And with that, I now leave you with a parting quote from an amazing quest Blizzard removed from the game; yet it lives on through projects like StygianCore.

The death of my son at the hands of these monsters will not pass without incident. Take solace in knowing that the Order is reborn.

I now take my place as Highlord of the new Order of the Silver Hand.

These possessions of my past - they are all that I have to offer for all that you have done. Please, take these as a symbol of my gratitude; all have served me well over the years.

May we meet again, in better times, and reminisce of days long past… battles hard fought… dreams redeemed.

– Tirion Fordring)

All code and scripts are released under GNU AGPL v3.
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