Gambler NPC


A module for AzerothCore by StygianTheBest.


This is Skinny, a gold gambling NPC that emotes and speaks. You can bet specific amounts of gold and win or lose double the amount you’ve bet. There is also a configurable jackpot that can be won on a roll of 100 within the first 10 rolls. I’ve coded in some fun stuff and he’s been useful to players on my server that need a little extra gold. Beware.. He doesn’t like cheapskates!


  • A roll of 50 or higher wins double the bet
  • A roll of less than 50 loses double the bet
  • A roll of 100 within the first 10 rolls hits the jackpot
  • A little help is given to players losing 5 rolls in a row


  • Type: NPC
  • Script: gamble_npc
  • Config: Yes
    • Enable Module Announce
    • Set Bet and Jackpot amounts
  • SQL: Yes
    • NPC ID: 601020


  • v2017.08.10 - Release

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