AzerothCore Projects Released

AzerothCore Modules | Download

The projects released today are the result of a few months work learning how to work with TrinityCore (TC) and AzerothCore (AC). The repo includes original modules written by myself, modifications to existing AC modules, and C++ scripts for TC I’ve ported to AC modules. Modifications made to existing AC modules change a few things here and there so they adhere to specifics for my server and/or make them easier to deal with by providing configuration options that can be changed without recompiling the core. Here’s a list of what’s in this initial release.

Original Modules

These are modules I’ve written.

  • AllMounts NPC
  • Codebox NPC
  • CustomServer
  • CustomLogin
  • MoneyForKills

Ported Scripts

I created these modules by porting existing scripts for TrinityCore. I’ve substantially modified most of these to fix issues, add features, or change functionality to suit my taste.

  • Beastmaster NPC
  • Buffer NPC
  • CongratsOnLevel
  • Enchanter NPC
  • Gambler NPC
  • StartGuild

Existing Module Modifications

These are existing AC modules I’ve modified for my server. For the most part, the modifications are simple string changes, but some add extra configuration options.

  • DuelReset
  • RandomEnchants
  • Solocraft
  • Transmogrify
  • VASAutoBalance

AzerothCore SQL | Download

Working with the database can be confusing, so I’ve created a few templates that help me with creating and editing content. I’ve also commented as much as possible so these files can serve as a future reference for items, objects, and NPCs. Tool scripts are designed to aid gameplay.

Templates & Tools

  • Critter NPC
  • Ethereal Soul Trader Mods
  • Fish Loot Pricing
  • Item Pricing
  • Profession Trainer NPC
  • Silithus Camp
  • Vendor NPC


I’ve created several unique vendors for my own personal use. These vendors have modified item pricing adjusted for my server needs using my Item Pricing template.

  • Bags
  • Consumables: Potions
  • Consumables: Elixers/Flasks
  • Consumables: Food
  • Consumables: Pet Food
  • Currency
  • Fireworks
  • Fishing
  • Engineering Contraptions
  • Gems
  • Glyphs
  • Keys
  • Pets: Pets/Supplies
  • Pets: Exotic Pets
  • Specialty Items
  • Tabards


These are TC scripts I’ve ported (painfully sometimes) to AzerothCore.

  • AzerothCore Mall
    • Ported from Trinity Triforce Mall v3.7
    • Removed duplicate and useless items
    • Fixed all items and corrected pricing
    • I’ve modified locations, names, models, and item prices for specific vendors
    • I’ve added Level 19 Twink vendors ported from Rownan’s Trinity script
    • All NPCs are spawned on GM Island (.tele gmisland) and some have been modified and spawn in select locations for player access
  • Heirloom Vendors
  • Level-Up Giftbox Sender
  • Rochet2 Jukebox
  • Rochet2 Portal Master
  • Personal Teleporter
  • Tome of World Flying

WoW Client Modifications | Download

I’ve put a lot of work into making my WoW client as great as it can be. I’ve tested various upgrade packs that are available on sites like, and I’ve finally got a stable client with upgraded models and textures. These modifcations really do enhance the game in alot of ways, so I plan on putting together an archive of my client in the near future. In the meantime, you can download my collection of five animated login screens with custom music. A random screen will be chosen each time you launch WoW.

Random Animated Login Screens


Feel free to email me with any questions. If you find a bug, please open a ticket on Github. I’ll respond when time permits.

All code and scripts are released under GNU AGPL v3.
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